Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Online Photo Printing

hey so easy u know!!! really easy n cheap!!! hassle to go to printing shop...just in front of u, u can order for printing...sgt mudah wei...

mana aku tau?well just doing blog hoping n found bout this website..n memandangkan aku baru ajer ader event bykla gmbr2 yg aku nk print out!! this is the easiest n fastest way...u guys can try it out at..EOE online....

Imagine, with just RM0.30, you can print for a 4R size photo. If 4R is too small for you, they have 5R which cost only RM0.50 per piece. Isn’t it a great promotion when you get a FREE Delivery with purchase above RM35??

Just a very simple steps of uploading, your photo will be uploaded to their website and within few days, you will receive your photo.Btw, blogger who interested can be participated to their 'Blogger Review Program' which you will stand the chance to win a CASH and a high quality camera. I am getting so excited with such a great promotion!!...


  1. ohh.. EOE nih macam yg diah (one of the blogger) post up kt blog dia.. bagus btol.. diah dah dpt free pictures tau! hihihi.. nk try la nnt! :)

  2. blum lagi..maybe next week....u dah dpt ker?

  3. Ya, Ai Leng dah dapat gambor dah!