Wednesday, December 17, 2008


its not me okeyy yg admitted... =p
well i received sms from my PLK fren last night..rahman...he's been admitted due to his coppp...pre-auricular sinus... =)... at Damansara Specialist Hospital
at that time me n mr.husben baru reached home, so we decided to visit rahman round 830 after settle down with dinner n solah..before that texting naima asking she want to join or not..agree to meet at hospital lobby...round 900pm smpai, naima bought cute get well soon balloon n i brought 'dadih'..y dadih?coz that the only thng in fridge that i can bring to rahman..ehehe

in room 322...he's been admitted in da afternoon n straight away did surgery..=(.... at first i thought its his nose yg kene surgery..kata sinus kan..ghupanyer di telinga nyer...*Ears also included in the ENT part...ekheh .... alhamdulillah semua ok..n insya allah akan kuar wad hari...
well man...just take care of urself!!!...hope to see u in Man Slim's wedding this coming saturday!...,naima,rahman n da balloon

sempat menelefon...



  1. uit... sian gmbor me husben ko ni senget.. malas nk rotate laa tuh.. hahahaha... pening pala dia nanti... :P

  2. ENT.. Ears, Nose, Throat.. mmg la ade Ears nye! hihihi.. hope he'll get well soon nnt.. :)

  3. insya allah...ehheh biorla sekali sekala terbalik...ehheheheh

  4. kin n others..thanx for ur wishes & concerned! i'm doin' well rite medical check-up will be scheduled on 24th Dec.