Wednesday, August 12, 2009


satu lagi arahan Kabir Bhatia.. jalan citer yang ringan dn di-sulami dgn lawak2 yang membuatkan kein n abe serta penonton sebelah depan blakang semua gelak ketawa pecah perut!!...

rate ??.. 5bintang.. besh..!!

so ni synopsis dia... gie la nengok... klu2 ader peluang..eheheh teringin nk tgk The Proposal plak...haishhh bila la plak nie..

Sid and Joe, two common conmen, are instructed by their adopted father, Pak Ramli, to steal the Barring Stamp which is said to be valued at USD4 million. Pak Ramli needs RM500,000 to save the orphanage where Sid and Joe grew up. Sid and Joe, rather reluctantly, have to acquiesce, though without a plan in sight. However, Sid and Joe are not the only people eyeing the Stamp. Lim Piranha, the head gangster catches wind of the Stamp, and wants it for himself. And so does Mani, an ex convict, who has just got out of jail... yet again. He wants the Stamp as he thinks money will help him save his marriage. Vellu, a security guard, who happens to be Mani's best friend, is also the guard for the Stamp which is supposed to be delivered to the Malacca Museum.

An elaborate plan is set up by all parties to get the Stamp, but alas! It doesn't end up with any of them, but with Aryanto, an illegal immigrant who has just gotten off the boat in Klang, and is searching for his liaison, Marcello. Marcello, being the more conniving one of the two, knows the value of the Stamp and schemes to sell it to the highest bidder. Unfortunately (again) the Stamp ends up with Iskandar, a blind man and his sister, Alliya, who have no idea that they have this valuable Stamp in their possession. Alliya uses the Stamp to post a letter...and the postman is now the next target for all three gangs!

Who will get the Stamp? Will the conmen ever win? Or is there an even bigger con going on that none of them is aware off?


  1. wahh, ingat nak tgk cite ni sebab tgk review die mcm sgt yer? huu bile la nk pegi tgk ni gagaga

  2. agagagag best sgt tuh dependsla..eehhe tp kein suka sgt sebab lawak dia ber-shaja jer...eheheh....