Friday, February 13, 2009

5 things tag.....

mr.rahman wanna to know bout me?? =)... okla aku menjawab itew tag...ehehhe..

5 things found in my wallet
>Money... RM/Coins
>Card's.. IC/License/Bonuslink/Mesra/Padini/Sogo/JuscoCard/HerbalifeCard/MetrojayaCard/Himalaya/OneCard/CreditCards/DebitCards/ATM'sCard/MatrixCardUiTM
>Peektures... Me/Mr.Husben/MyFamily
>Sijil Perakuan Nikah... have to bring this as i have no time yet to do our NikahCard =)
>Receipts... all kinds!! =)...i'm a receipts keeper...ahaha

5 favourite things in my room
>Bed... sudah tentu!
>Dressing Table... utk bersiap bagai! =)
>Fitted Almari Baju... utk simpanan baju2 kami
>Fragrance Lamp.. given by one of our fren for our wedding gift!...giles nice wei baunyer!!..
>My Boolat.. a nice off-white lovely lace teddy bear given by mr.husben in year back 2003 as our 1st anniv!.. ketinggian Boolat adalah paras pinggang ku...n my height will be 165cm..=)

5 things I’ve always wanted to do
>Kahwin.. alhamdulillah..achieve that before my target age to kawen end!..ahaha
>Finish-off my degree.. as part time student, yeah... just a little more months to finish up!! after +/- 4years!!..phewwww...lega!
>Bercuti bersama Family.. wanna have it like annually nyer activity bleh???eheheh
>Bercuti bersama mr.husben... again!!..wanna have like one-week off to go somewhere that can relax our body n mind!! *wink*
>to have my OwnCar n OwnHouse... hurmmmm

5 things I’m currently into
>Cooking... n yeah mr.husben also rajin menghulurkan bantuan utk memasak!!..suke2!
>Blogging.. if xupdate blog sindri,akan ku baca blog2 yg lain!sehari takbaca...adussss!!xbesh!!
>Facebook.. dunno y,dolu frendster harus disemak everyDAY!! but now FB lagi wajib diSEMAK!!..ahhahah.... but Frenster tidak dilupakan...=)
>GuitarHero... addicted to dis game..also mr.husben!..
>Muhammad Raffique... my hencem n cute n adorable anak menakan!!...ohhh goshh!! missshhh him!!....

5 person yang nak tag
>[hanie]- pengantin-to-be nih...hikhki
>mummysya-dunno if dia dh buat tak..=)