Sunday, September 14, 2008


huhu scary huh the i'm officially addicted to the series of 24!!! ..bad,...badd....=p...
dunno why but once watching this series i couldn't take my eyes off!! arghhhhh really bad!!! i know...camner nk score nieh...huhu
well my mom did mention to me earlier bout this series but at that time i didn't bother coz i'm so into CSI...ehheh...ooppsss but still heart CSI....
my mom pinjam the whole 6season of 24 from my jiran..dia pun terpengaruh ngn my mother bout the series...teruss dia pegi beli season 6 terus!! pantang masa terluang akan ku saksikan 24!! JAck Baeur is the main actor!!! sgt hebat lakonan dia..try me!! u just watch the 1st season then for sure u nk tgk 2nd season!! AXN tunjuk the latest season..which is season 6....and now i'm finishing season 6 nye dvd...ahhah..oh ya season 7 coming on jan2009...cant wait to see!!!..

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