Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bandung Part 1

Salam guysss.... waduh2 sungguh lama xupdate ini blog...*alasan2... nway as peektures n my familia skali lagi telah menjalankan misi cuti2 indonesia..ahhaa as per last year we went to Bali n for this year Bandung adalah tempatnya untuk diterjah...

Well some might say, me going to bandung to find the W stuff...the souvenir stuff, the W card stuf and all to do with da W word...but is not!! Initially just nk gie cuti2 jer *ticket was bought way before my mana nk tau aku kawen thn nie kan...ahhaha.. but then as time cuti2 smpai planning pun bertukar sambil cuti2 indon we also doing W hunting...ahhaha

Depart at LCCT @ 1050

Arrive safely at Bandong Airport *sgtla cute airportnyer!! =p @ 1130(indon time)

mind u its 1230 msia time okehh...

Day 1 – just free n easy activities...from airport heading to our small but comfy hotel..Hotel Patradisa..located at town exactly!! Walking distance to the masjid yg plg besor di bandong..ala2 mesjid negeri gituh..n also bout 5min distance with Angkuta Kota (AK) to Pasar Baru..after check in..kami dgn konfidennye menaiki AK heading to Pasar Baru...memandangkan ianya pengalaman pertama kali, our fren mr.Alex (yg amik kat airport) tlh menunjukkan cara2 melintas jln utk ambik AK ituh..jln disana sgt sesak okehh!! It cost us Rp1000 each which is round rm0.36 jer..murah kan2!! =p
Smpai pasar baru kami hnya menjamu2 mata, dgn kata lain survey the prices, survey the floor *disana dipanggil court di lantai 6 which is 6th floor =p we had our lunch there n 1st time ever test diaorg nyer Teh Botol which cost me Rp3000 je dong!! Round RM1.00+ la..ehhe the taste agak pekat, mom dad n sis cannot take it but hey i’m okeh jer...hehhe..but before lunch activities, me dad n sis smpat membeli simpack Indon bagi kemudahan kami di situ..hahha *utk aku sng nk calling mr.Za... =) cost Rp15000 each pack..and the top up guys do the calculation!! Hahah..waduh2 hari pertama aku sudah berbelanja hampir 50ribu gituk!! =p...but in Rp lor...ahhah..
After lunch balik hotel lepak2 dlm hotel je..n sempat aku layan cite Eiffel I’m In Love...ahhaha...gue suka bangat nonton siaran disana!!!
Mlm tu just went to Matahari Mall (just walking distance)...dinner kat food court di the mall dong!! Hehe..n me found myself a nice n tasty drink..which is starbuck~!!! Waduh2 it cost me 45ribu okeh for the mocha frappucino...perghhh!! just beli rotiboy for mlm2 snacks...eheh..
Btw tomorrow morning mr.Alex will bring us for 1-day tour!! Cant wait!!

Will continue in part2 enjoy the day 1 peektures...

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