Wednesday, June 11, 2008

new look

wahhh!! new look!!!.. orange n more fresh!!! i likeeeeeeeee...=D....

oh ya...last friday *so overdue.. ahahah...i checked my result...alhamdulillah it turned out veryyy veryyyy welll!! sgtla terkezutttt!!!..especially account subject..i thought i will just have pass marks but heyyyy!! score jgk..hikhik...thanks to ALL the SUPERB LECTURERS!!! love u guys!!! ..

insya allah 2more semester 2go....chaiyokk!!! cant wait to start class n also to finish it!!....semangat nih!!! =D..class akan start end of june or early july..then my pack schedule will start..=( plus spending more $$$$ to petrol n tol...aiyokk!!! ngeri aku nk pikirkan petrol nih... *Pak Lah kata nk naikkan elaun..mintak2 seblm start kelas..ahhah....harapan nih!!..

1 comment:

  1. nok...very the pemilihan color "new look" ko nie!! coicoi..