Thursday, May 8, 2008

finally yeyy!!!

...habis exam!!! wat a reliefffff beb...sgtla suka..alhamdulillah...=D... finish exam at 12noon...we off for lunch at kedai byk lauk2..*kami akan merindui lauk2 disitu...

...after,man,naima n zarina zusssssss terus ke cineleisure...=D...smpai round 200pm..tgk wygla aperlagi!!...hajat dihati nk tgk Over her dead apakan daya dah xder show..*skjpnyer dia tayang..hukhuk... then decide nk tgk citer baru cameron diaz n ashton kutcher *sgtla cute ini budak!! starts gie solat dulu n jejln kat the curve!! lama sgt xkuar berempat!!!...well we are the EMO geng...ahahha..dont ask EMO stand for wat.. i bet u dont want to know..hahaha..=p.. the story!! as u all know la kan the cutest ashton kutcher sgtla cute dlm lakonannyer!!ahahha..this romantic comedy movie sgt2 menghiburkan hati kami2 nie yg nk release tension...hhahaha..dgn heroin yg cunss!! ...dr awal citer smpai akhir bergelak2!!! there is one part which ashton berlumba lari ngn cameron..gelak smpai berair mata kitaorg!!ahahh *u guys gonna love that part!! part lari2...ahhaha.....the star??? 10/10..... the movie end round5pm...then semua zaassss balik!!! ..xleh hang out lelama...sebabbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

...esok after solat,naima,rahman,ain,sarah n my mr.ZA will off to cameron!!! yuhuuuu...cuti2 PLK + chentaku..will update bila balik yek2!!!..*mcmla aku xpernah pergi cameron hahaha... n y we choose cameron???!! utk berehat n enjoy n also bwk man yg xpernah jejak cameron..ooopsss!!!..=p... okeh ppl!! doakan our journey smooth!!!. & fun too!!.n also doakan untuk exam ktorg ritu!! ahaks...

take care ppl...daaa...

p/s: ohh ya this da synopsis bout the movie!! go n watch it!! u xkan regret..

Two strangers awaken together to discover they've gotten married following a night of debauchery in Sin City. . . and that one of them has won a huge jackpot after playing the other's quarter. The newlyweds devise ever-escalating schemes to undermine each other and get their hands on the money - only to find themselves falling in love amid the mutual backstabbing.

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