Tuesday, March 4, 2008

1st call during my On-Call

this whole week i'll be on-Call despite On-Call for pilihanraya(which is this coming friday)..argghhh..it's like a nitemare when everytime u wanna go to sleep you have to put ur own hp, PPUM on-call Hp and a PAGER!!! by ur side!!! argghhh!!! the most scary part when the PPUM On-Call Hp ringing!!!! =(....i thought my 1st nite holding all the on-call things will not disturb my sleep but silap seh....after reach home last nite at11pm..me bkk jap dis blog to update bout my test and it take about 5-6min..then me tidola...suddenly the phone rang!!! at first i thought it was my sis hp (so me ignorelaa...) then once again bunyi!! its 1135pm and me kinda feel weird coz that sound not like i usually heard(my sis ringtone)..tadi mamai2la dgr nyer...(cepat sungguh aku zssss)...arghhh its a call frm PPUM...=p...got a case at PPUM that a doc need my opinion(which is i think all docs. should know bout his procedures)...urgghh sajeje nk kacau2..the case its bout 1patient that 'meninggal' (kinda xbesh to use term dead)...and her families dont wanna to do post mortem thing and docs can't come out with COD..=(...so after few called with Corporate staff, n me asking for the correct procedure bout the situation(how to handle)...me called back the doc n terangkan wat exactly that they should do!!!...n FYI this kinda situation no need to call the officer On-Call, docs n staff at the ward can handle it sendiri!!! sajela tuh..but sib baik the doc sgtla berbudi bahasa semasa nk menggangu tidurku...so klu dh berbudi kacau pepagi pun xper...ahahha..furthemore me working at hospital sector ma... so bout 1215 br settle all the calling2 things (sib baik tak kene dtg hospital..)...that was my 1st call during my on-call week...hurrmm wondering if any cases will happen tonite..ahhaha=)..hopefully NOT!!! =p..

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